Chase Chualong, Astrologer

“Had such an incredible reading from Chase! I was also super lucky to get in just as my Saturn return was really about to take off. Chase was well prepared, insightful and present. I did my reading over the phone from Portland and I felt like he was right there with me, sorting through all the feelings and questions. His intelligence and intuition work together beautifully, and I was blown away by how my much of my life he had put together and articulated just through reading my chart. I guess that’s a sign of a true astrologer at work. I ended my session with Chase feeling ready to take on the next phase of my life with a road(star?)map to the upcoming energies entering my life. Not only that but he assured me that should any questions come that i’d forgotten or that we hadn’t addressed he would be happy to go over them and clarify. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a check in with the universe. Thanks Chase!!” Vince


Chase says: “I am an astrologer, private chef, and artist born & raised in SF. I
studied with the School of Evolutionary Astrology, a penetrating system of astrology that focuses on the motives behind our purpose. I am dedicated to helping others connect to their path on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Readings
with me often integrate my background with herbs, spiritual study, and holistic lifestyle.”