DeeDee Freeman, Spiritual Alchemist

“Fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect, I’m devoted to helping people make better decisions. As an empath, I truly enjoy taking the time to connect with the seeker on a deep, intuitive level. Formulating the appropriate question and then selecting the best card spread is key to delivering an inspired answer! Setting my intellectual mind aside, I tap deeply into my intuition to give the seeker information the Universe needs them to know. Connecting them with the archetypal energies represented in the cards allows the sitter to see their situation with clarity, and give confidence in determining their future path. When we honor our intuition for the quiet, guiding intelligence that it is, the cards have the power to inspire life-affirming action.”

Interior Alchemy to learn more about DeeDee Freeman.

Her transpersonal hypnotherapy practice can be found on facebook as well!