Jennifer Leigh // Femme Oracle, Pyschic & Oracle Card Reader

Jennifer Leigh is a queer femme healer, writer, and teacher located in San Diego, CA.

As a healer, I offer oracle card readings, psychic visual insights, and customized candle dressings. My readings are an invitation for your spiritual guides to connect and touch down in the physical world in order to provide divine insight into your questions, thoughts, and desires. Once my guides connect with your guides, I receive psychic visions and insight which I then will relay directly to you. Oracle cards are an additional medium for the divine to speak to us and provide wisdom. I typically offer an eclectic blend of oracle card readings and psychic visions during a session with a client.

Every reading is strictly confidential. The bonds I create with my clients are sacred and unique. I am deeply honored every time I am able to meet someone exactly where they are and facilitate the healing and connection they are seeking. I am a deep empath and compassionate listener. The advice I offer is not from myself but directly from your divine guides. My spiritual practice is heavily influenced by my experiences as a queer femme survivor living with C-PTSD. I have been a seer/psychic since childhood; however, through regular meditation and intercession as an adult, I am able to harness my gifts as a healing tool for my beloved community. As a cis white woman, I strive to create safer spiritual spaces that center and prioritize POC, transwomen, and disabled folks.