Elisa Palma Hancock // Akashic Records


Elisa Palma Hancock will be at this February fair offering Akashi Record Readings, a type of spiritual reading. Teaching is one of her passions and she will be offering a free workshops on February 12  “Bring balance to motherhood – How to be more present with your kids and in your life” at the Center SF. 

“Hi! My name is Elisa, I relocated from my native Italy to the Bay Area not long ago. I am a passionate spiritual researcher, teacher, and coach.

I work one on one, offering Akashic Records consultations to provide you with the loving guidance of your Masters and Loved Ones and your Soul. I work in person as well as via phone/skype. 

Come with your questions ready to receive wisdom, clarity, love and uplifting energy.

I believe that we need and can nourish our spiritual life with easy, doable practices – which is vital for creating the life we truly desire to live – and this is what I desire to offer you with my work. “

Check out her page Elisa Palma Hancock and her Instagram