Chelsea Rutherford // Artemisia Herbs + Acupuncture

unnamedThe amazing multi-talented Chelsea will be offering handmade divination tools and ear seed sessions. (Acu points stimulated by small gold balls w a sticker backing instead of needles piercing the skin).

I started my path in alternative medicine at the Heartwood Institute in 2005 where I studied nutrition from a Chinese medicine perspective with Paul Pitchford, renowned author of Healing with Whole Foods. There in the misty mountains of Northern California I also studied various forms of bodywork, anatomy, physiology, meditation, tai chi and began to uncover my own inner workings that deeply drew me to the work. I continued my studies with Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson, international teacher of medical Qi gong, which is where I first saw the physical golden glimmering light of energy and experienced the profound effects of energy work and how the psyche affects the physical body. I received my masters in science from AIMC Berkeley (Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine) and became a licensed acupuncturist in April of 2016. I currently maintain a private practice in Berkeley as a general practitioner. I treat a variety of conditions and have recently been working with a lot of patients who experience physical pain, insomnia, digestive upset, chronic sinus issues, anxiety and depression and more. I make herbal products that I sustainably wild craft or grow in my own garden, I mushroom hunt for chanterelles in the rainy months, and I sing and dance as an art form but also as an emotional release. I think Chinese medicine is magical and it feels amazing to facilitate others finding the resources they need.

Artemisia Herbs + Acupuncture