Ifafunke Oladigbolu // Palm & Energy Readings


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 I was born into a family of spiritual healers and spiritual teachers of the Yoruba indigenous religion in Nigeria. My name is Ifafunke which directly translates into ‘The Oracle has given me something to pet.’ I was born with the ability to read energy and communicate with ancestors and have continued to hone my skills over the past 20 years. My formal training includes being trained by my mother throughout my life in reading through the indigenous Yoruba religion and coursework at the Berkeley Psychic Institue. Through palm reading I am able to intuit and communicate with my clients about there lives energetically, and communicate with the the angels and guides around them to offer practical guidance and reassurance. I have been a palm and energy reader for 20 plus years, studied under numerous psychics and have taken certified clairvoyant classes as well as studied aura reading, transmediumship, and astrology.