Luanda & Ayana // Integrative Bodywork and Healing

IMG_6202Mother/Daughter Bodywork Practitioners, Luanda Wesley and Ayana Foster, work in tandem integrating bodywork massage modalities. Luanda and Ayana are able to tap into the energetic, spiritual healing needs of each client and share any messages recieved during the session. All sessions are as unique as the person on the table. Their combined talents are not to be missed.
Luanda is a CA certified Bodywork Practitioner in Advanced Massage and a graduate of the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences where she studied Tui Na Massage.   Ayana is working on her Master’s and Doctorate at the Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in North Carolina. They both studied traditional Maori healing bodywork in New Zealand.

We believe in the power of self-healing and offer our practice to all. We are part of Luna Nueva Wellness, LLc which offers workshops on self-care, herbal therapy, bodywork healing sessions and women’s wellness. We willingly give our services to our community and have volunteered our services at Community Healing Clinics held in East Oakland and Santa Rosa. If we activate our own self-healing ; there will be a ripple effect throughout our families and communities at large.