Hailey Gaiser // Artist


IMG_4733Hailey Gaiser is an artist living and working in San Francisco. The act of working is a spiritual practice and a quest to find the place where we all overlap, regardless of the long list of our differences. We are all born of stardust and nobody gets out of here alive. She will be selling prints of her paintings, as well as original handmade collage pins and magnets. She will also be making unique polymer clay food earrings.
We are living in incredibly divisive times, times that encourage us to ghettoize ourselves to those that look and think just like us. Right-brained thinking is congratulated while the arts and the emotional, creative, and intuitive ways of thinking/being are ignored or mocked. When everything is about profit, our souls are starving. I quest with my art to remind us of the beauty of culture, the magic delight in our differences, and though we are not all the same, we are still OF the same. What I try to bring attention to is the beauty and magic in the natural world, and the beauty and magic in our humanity. It brings me peace and it brings me comfort, while the world seems to be crumbling around me.