Cassandra ‘Daisy’ Spellman // Healing Conversations With Tarot

unnamed (3)My work is and has always been to help people find the functional and esoteric ways to heal themselves. Through tarot, astrology, nutrition and my relationship with plants, animals and spirit, the goal is to empower everyone to find the actual steps towards living their best lives.

As a WOC who has battled systemic oppression and continues to find ways to heal generational traumas, I use “Esoteric Nutrition” to make healing more accessible to under acknowledged, underprivileged and oppressed communities that I’ve always felt aligned with. I hope to bring relatable and intuitive healing modalities to those who are denied access and/or disenfranchised by the status quo of our society.

We all have this power, but there are steps that must be taken in order to realize it in ourselves. May our connection help lead you to this knowing.