Infinite Bloom & Living Leggings

LivingLeggings-08915Living Leggings:

The most comfortable leggings you will ever wear. Great for Acro Yoga, Ariel Silks, Dancing, and just being your most and at-ease authentic YOU!

“As humans, we naturally tend to express our personalities through our clothing. Having a pair of leggings that represents comfort, vibrant excitement and creative flow gives others an understanding of one’s inner expression. Wearing a pair of Living Leggings says, “I’m colorful, I love my life, I have confidence, I’m comfortable and I love to share that with the world.” – Tiki, owner of LivingLeggings

Infinite Bloom connects people with wall art & wearable sacred geometry & symbolic pendants, helping connect people to the divinity all around and within us. Each piece is made with love & intention locally in the Santa Cruz Mountains.