June Kogut // Junebug Herbalism

image1I create herbal balms and salves using organic herbs, coconut oil, and beeswax, using a blend of western Herbalism and traditional practices passed down to me. Examples are pain relief balm, anti-anxiety balm, intuitive enhancing balm
A summary of your ethics and approach.
I started creating balms because living in a disabled body that reacts poorly to tinctures, I wanted to invite a gentler, more accessible practice of getting herbs treatment. In addition, my experience of being mixed, I haven’t seen much Herbalism practices done using passed down traditions. My experience of being Arab and European directly influences my practices, as well and being queer and trans. I create for all people, but prioritize POC, QTPOC, and disabled folx through sliding scale practices. Herbalism should be accessible for all folx, and I use that idea in how I practice and share my skills.