Susan Coral Lee // Dream Walker

24259529_1851590791550257_20725652_oSusan shares her respect and love for the aloha Spirit by combining it with crystal therapy to create lei inspired crystal necklaces. Herstory of trauma, anxiety, depression she said hell yes to the unconditional love and support from crystals; our friends rooted in ancient wisdom and strength. These crystal leis are imbued with divine feminine love of protection, inspiration, and divine self-conviction. She wishes we feel our divine power and fulfill our true wishes come true. She is honored and grateful to be of service at the San Francisco Psychic Fair fam. Come visit her and the gang!

Susan Coral Lee enjoys being student, educator, writer, dancer, and friend. Her support style includes self-actualization support with body care, and divination education/cheerleading! She is certified colon hydrotherapist, lymphatic drainage facilitator, and soon to be detoxification specialist. She loves animals and earth.

“In Hawaiian tradition, these garlands (leis) were worn by ancient Hawaiians to beautify themselves and distinguish themselves from others. Among other sacred uses, it was used to signify a peace agreement between opposing Chiefs. A lei should be a welcomed celebration of one persons affection to another. Anyone can wear one anytime – there need not be an occasion. It is perfectly fine for one to purchase or make a lei for themselves”