Ruta // Desert Flower Essences



Ruta will be sharing information on and selling the single essences and kits of her teacher Mimi Kamp – – and facilitating a sliding scale introduction to working with flower essences.

From earliest childhood, each of us learns ways to respond to our lives- to relationships, to challenges, to the circumstances beyond our control- based on a deeply seeded will to survive. Over the course of time and surrounded by a fast-paced culture with little time for connection or self-reflection, these stories become so deeply ingrained that it can feel almost impossible to see outside of them.

Essence work allows the seeker to reflect upon and step outside of their patterns, to see and separate the drama from the personal truth, while offering another path devoid of ego and informed by the plant’s own adaptations to thrive in its environment. Flower essences are especially helpful in shifting the patterns that reside in the subconscious and in the subtle body, especially when one feels like they have reached an impasse- the plants step in to share their vibrations with our own, holding the space for us to link up gently, below the level where our ego can get in the way.

Desert plants hold the wisdom of not just surviving in their demanding and often harsh climates but how to then move past a survival mentality to the place of offering beauty and nourishment to their surroundings/community. In these tumultuous times we stand to gain so much from the lessons of the desert: beautiful resilience, appropriate and functional boundaries, deep self-knowledge, integration of personal/cultural/ancestral trauma, graceful navigation of both abundance and scarcity, and liberation in realism, to name a few…

Ruta has recently moved back to the Bay Area to learn from the water here and integrate lessons about boundaries/vulnerability. She continues her work as a doula and is expanding her practice as a flower essence practitioner working primarily with the Essence of the Desert kits and single essences. Her identity as a queer, mixed race, Samoan-Scottish light skinned, anti-capitalist emo femme informs her outlook and practice as she navigates what it means to participate in dominant culture without losing touch with her core values.

Please contact her at with inquiries regarding flower essences consultations as well as holistic health and support in all phases of pregnancy/loss, birth and the post-partum period.