WORKSHOP // Oracles and Prophetesses: Exploring Divination and Mediumship in Ancient and Contemporary Polytheisms

with Devin Antheus
This workshop is an exploration of divination techniques and oracular practices from ancient Greco-Roman traditions. We will presuppose an animistic worldview and discuss the spirits and Deities involved with YARROW-317-Edit-final-web (1).jpgthe ancient practices. We will explore a handful of modern survivals and innovations including possessory trance oracles, binary divination, bibliomancy systems, and the mysteries of the Astragaloi – the knucklebone dice. We will honor the oracles, prophets, and diviners of antiquity as ancestors of tradition and trade, and imagine what the restoration of new relationships and traditions might look like. Those of all experiences and backgrounds are welcome.



A one-hour long workshop. Donations gladly accepted.