Marcela Vernon // Tarot Palm Readings

M11.jpgMarcela Veron is a High Priestess, Goddess Guide, Medicine Woman and Temple Alchemist. She will be offering Tarot Palm readings with laser-focused guidance that will bring to light answers to your current situations and weave them with your soul design. She will also be offering a temple market with pendulums, candle holders, essences, jewelry and so much more.


Founder of Sacred Feminine Medicine, Magic & Mystery School, Marcela first came to unmistakably recognize the Goddess in her explorations of the sacred feminine through middle eastern dance, also known as bellydance or wombdance. Bewitched, she became captivated by the serpentine energy of the shakti rising through her body in waves and entranced by the music of rhythmic drum beats. Her enchantment was where she began to synchronize to her inner priestess and the beginning of her life-long love affair.

Marcela’s yearning for a deeper understanding of the Goddess unearthed through the dance, started her on a journey of many twists and turns, revealing the Goddess in her many forms, many faces, and many aspects. The Goddess expression’s manifold layers came through in her diversified studies through the sacred arts. She continued to study the Divine Feminine, sacred seexuality and embodied spirituality and pursue her passion and love of the creative, intuitive and healing arts as part of her life’s work.

With a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality and Creative Expression, she has an advanced breadth of knowledge in Priestessing. She is also a licensed The Art of Feminine Presence® Facilitator, certified in Feminine Spirituality Leadership, Vibrational Medicine, and Feng Shui Practitioner. She is an Intuitive, Hand Analyst, Face Reader, and Tarot Practitioner.

In the last few years, Marcela has been involved with Shakti RIsing Women’s Organization and part of their Director’s Circle, NorCal Leadership, and National Teaching Team. She enjoys mentoring women on embodying their feminine essence, power through pleasure, magic and sacred space. Shas a thriving practice in San Francisco, Ca and known internationally.