Bevin Atkinson // Tarot Mysteries Novelist

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The Tarot Mysteries series, written by Bevan Atkinson, is a fast-moving and fascinating reader journey into San Francisco, tarot card readings, and a tidge of mayhem. Sound like fun? That’s exactly what they are.

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Bevan Atkinson has been a writer since receiving the Prose Award at Winchester- Thurston School in Pittsburgh, PA. She wrote business documents of all kinds in corporate environments (Pacific Bell, The Bank of California, MHI Global, etc.), and was the Director of Retail Training for Apple Computer, designing and developing the training for the most successful retail launch in history. Ms. Atkinson is a long-time tarot reader, and after venturing briefly into fiction writing with a children’s book, and then an original screenplay, she began The Tarot Mystery series in 2006 with “The Fool Card.”

Her aim is to complete a 22-book series based on the Major Arcana of the tarot, doing for the tarot what Sue Grafton has done for the alphabet. As an homage to Ms. Grafton, in the series one of Xana Bard’s dogs is named Kinsey.

Why I love what I make:  

When I write, it’s the one place I feel completely at home.  The tarot was and is my invitation to join the human race, which I accepted with some trepidation because I haven’t always had such an easy time with those people.