Lance Juniper // Tarot


I am the organizer of the SF Psychic Fair and a bay area tarot teacher & reader.

My first exposure with divination was at 9yo when a neighbor gave me a set of the futhark runes (a Northern European divination system) I had been reading books on hands-on healing and was interested in mythology. At 13, I completed a Psychic Development training under Sandy Anastasi of Starchild. Afterward, I began reading readings and healings at local psychic fairs and spiritualist churches. The bulk of my young spiritual learning came from books and running around the woods venerating nature (which I continue to do whenever possible!).

    My interest in the interdependence of life, symbolism, the world as alive and with invisible meaning, the heavens, and the earth- have influenced my career and academic studies. I have a Masters in traditional Chinese medicine am a Doctoral candidate in the same from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Starr King School of the Ministry which focuses on regenerative justice in our communities, and counter-oppressive education.

   As a queer healer practicing in a traditional medicine clinic, I aim to create an environment that is harm reduction informed, non-judgemental and inclusive. To me, self-healing and community healing are interrelated. My intent is to put the needs of clients first- meeting them where they are in their path so they can move forward confidently.

Upcoming workshops – > here