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Sharika Gregory is a second year Master of Divinity student at San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Pursuant to Sharika, her fervent belief in the power of God manifested when she kept the child she wanted to abort because of the signs of  God. Osiezhe, Sharika’s now four-year-old son exists because of his mother’s sheer obedience to the power of God, a tumultuous journey which has blessed her bountifully.

Hence, Sharika has dedicated her ministry to help others to hear and act pursuant to the voice of God.

An integral part of her ministry includes her son Osiezhe who at the tender age of fourteen months revealed to his discerning mother an innate ability to play the Djembe, ( An African drum). Surrendering again to the call of her omnipotent coach, Sharika created with her then two-year-old son  the ministry of Iya’siezhe.

IYA’ which means mother in the Yoruba language  and Siezhe which is minister Sharika Gregory’s sons name without the O is — Authentic Mother and Son Sound- profound rhyming –  paired with rhymical sound  — to inculcate mindful messages of affirmation into our children and communities so we can all as a collective, cohesive entity recognize the voice of God and execute swiftly the plays of God for the well being , proliferation, and perseveration of humanity.

So let us all rejoice, as we come to learn more about how to hear God’s Voice.