Andrea Rojas Jara // Angel Tarot & Oracle


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Andrea Rojas Jara is an Angelic Witch who is also a certified Angel Intuitive, Archangel Life Coach, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Tarot, Oracle & Crystal Reader.
As an Angelic Medium, I use my gifts to connect to your Angels who wish to aid and help you evolve on your journey at this time.
Intuitive since my younger years, my psychic gifts and my connection to the Angels strengthened during a period of major illness. Sent from God, the Angels lifted me up and pulled me through the most challenging times. Surviving, I awoke to the impressive force and guidance of heaven and felt driven to help others connect with their Angels as well.
I often receive Angelic insight through my mind’s eye. My thoughts, visions and the tapping into energies arising, all provide essential messages for the client. You can expect to hear transformative messages as I connect you to your Angelic team. The additional wisdom gained from the Tarot and Oracle cards combined will serve as a comprehensive package of empowerment and guided actions.
Areas that I can help you with:
spiritual life coaching, romance, relationship dynamics, letting go and surrendering, finding the blessing, life purpose, career and any other pressing life concerns.
My personal philosophy is to help others recognize the amount of potential they possess to change their life for the better, despite what they think they are capable of! We are all works in progress.
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