Monica Mody // Elemental Divination


Monica is a poet, writer, scholar, dancer, and traditional diviner. During a divination, she ritually contacts benevolent human, nonhuman, and other-than-human ancestors, guides, and allies, and asks them to speak to the energetic weave of your life. This weave is expressed in the relationships between the elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral, Nature) – embodied in a medicine wheel that comes from the cosmology of the West African Dagara people. Cowrie shells, bones, and stones are the tools the allow Monica to see the alignments and the misalignments in your life.
Monica has trained with Dr. Malidoma Some, and with elders and wisdom-keepers in many earth-ecstatic traditions. She is a keeper of the medicine of kontomble–beings that are known in other cultures as menehune, leprechauns, duende, tomte, nisse. Monica’s passions include reclamation of feminine wisdom and motherlines, partnership paradigms, embodied resilient spirituality, earth-based decolonizing practices, and seed power of the word.
Her Ph.D. dissertation is currently underway, blinking at the borderlands between South Asia and the US, academia and social justice and spirituality, as also pasts, the present, and futures.