Kristine – Visionary Woman Tarot



Kristine Gorman, an east coast transplant, is an artist, reader, and co-owner of the Tarot Art & Tattoo Gallery, in Sonoma CA with husband Shotsie. Kristine, a life-long truth teller, was gifted a tarot deck almost 20 years ago which changed her life forever and helped her birth the life she lives today. As unconventional as her readings are, she studied the traditional ways with passion and studiousness.” A workshop with Rachel Pollack was a game changer, through this amazing Tarot Master I realized I could read the cards my own way.” Talk about epiphanies manifesting into reality.

Kristine is thrilled to announce her forthcoming tarot deck to be unveiled at NWTS- The Northwest Tarot Symposium in March 2019! A culmination of a painter and tarot reader life’s work! Kristine was a presenter at BATS, The Bay Area Tarot Symposium, in 2015. She has her own weekly radio show “Visionary Woman Tarot Radio Show” on KSVY 91.3 FM where she gives complimentary readings to callers live on the air.

Visionary Woman Tarot Radio Show-Every Monday 4-5PM 91.3 FM KSVY
Call in for Complimentary Tarot Readings 707-933-9133
*Tarot Art & Tattoo Gallery 17977 Sonoma Hwy Sonoma CA 95476 707-938-3000