Workshop // Igniting Intuition

IMG_0509.jpegIn these rapidly shifting and highly chaotic times living from a place of ignited intuition lets us be the calm and peaceful eye of the storm. Tips and tools will be given on how to cultivate, steady and live within the grace and ease of your natural intuitive flow. Each participant will receive a gift of locally gathered obsidian that is potently charged with energies to awaken and anchor your intuition. We will finish with a short ceremony to ignite your intuition.

Time: 3pm-3:45pm, by donation

Ros is an internationally sought-after Psychic and Healer. She has had the incredible fortune to connect with thousands of clients from all over the Earth. She is best known for her warmth, accuracy and loving presence. At 10 years old, when Ros received her first Tarot deck she intuitively knew the language of the cards and promptly started giving readings to others. Ros received her first Reiki initiation in the fall of 2000. That same week she started offering healing sessions at the local wellness center. Since these foundational moments, she has been avidly cultivating her tools and developing her practice with reverence, joy, and gratitude. She currently draws upon her mala naofa, Irish for medicine bag, as her main tool for divination and healing flow.


call/text: 415 939 7722


Instagram: @nectarandpearls