The Stinging Nettle & Black Nettle Botanical Co.

IMG_0228.jpgAbi Huff is the owner and herbalist of The Stinging Nettle, A small apothecary and healing space located in the town of Sonoma, Ca. The Stinging Nettle is the home to her botanical line The Black Nettle Botanical Co. Her creations range from tinctures, formulas, botanical skin care, teas, and magical tools for grounding, clearing, setting an intention, and bringing love and light to our lives and planet. She supports local medicinal plant farmers to make the majority of her creations, her line showcases the amazing skills of organic Sonoma County farmers. She infuses all she makes with Love and her highest intentions for your entire well being.

Abi is an educator, clinical herbalist, and plant spirit practitioner where she combines intuitive readings, plant cleansing, and herbs to support balance in the lives of those she serves.

You can explore The Stinging Nettle and Black Nettle Botanical CO. @ or contact her directly at