Gaius Wong // Tarot

Rowing The Boat 3.7MB.jpgIn high school, Gaius’s best friend introduced him to tarot and they would sit on the floor with the little white book doing readings on all manner of topics.  In 1991, they were in Games of Berkeley when he spotted a display of tarot decks and after much deliberation, his bestie helped him select his first deck. Gradually throughout his life, his enthusiasm for the metaphysical and the occult has blossomed.  Tarot is a core practice of his.

Gaius grew up in the Bay Area and has lived here all his life.  He currently resides in San Francisco.

To see videos of his reading style, find him on YouTube as “Gaius Wong Tarot.”
His new website is launching in October at where he’ll be providing internet readings by video.
You can also text Gaius at 415-993-8962.