All kinds of woo-woo & para-woo woo make for a portal into the otherworld. A gathering for those interested in the messages of the subconscious, the spirit, the Goddessverse, the God(s), the Un-named, the ephemeral, non-material, collective unconscious and the 10,000 other ways we try to grasp that which is bigger than our own perception.

We will create a sacred space for the earthly realm to touch the unseen. For you to connect with sincere and dedicated practitioners of divination, spiritual art, and healing.

More than just readings, this is a space to gather and connect with like-spirits and make new friends in a welcoming, tea filled environment.

We encourage you to visit as a participant, as a reader, as an observer, as a socializer or as a seeker. You can also just soak up good celestial and earthly vibes and sip tea.