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Next fair is September 22nd 12-5pm!


If you are interested in having a table at one of the Psychic Fairs please keep reading and fill out the form at the end!

Afterward, we will get back to you with further information regarding signing up. Not all applicants will be accepted as we want to keep the types of modalities offered diverse. We will keep your info ready for the next fair though and contact you.

Meant to connect the community of spiritual readers with each other as well as bring in new interest in the many methods and tools of divination.
In conjunction with the Center SF, we will be making a space and day devoted to the arts of intuition and divination.
READERS: Tarot, dowsing, scrying, runes, stone readings, oracle cards, mediums, Lenormand, ouija, or your own personal method…are all welcome!
VENDORS: Gemstones, personal ritual items, herbal products, chocolates, handcrafted jewelry and magical accessory, incense, candles, etc. all seem to do well. Totally open to other things if it fits the themes of healing, magic, and spirituality.
Due to the size of the space, we have limited to appx 10  readers & 10 vendors
Ideal Applicant
We are looking for professional readers with good time management, clear practitioner ethics, an empowering style of communication. It is important to have a sense of cooperation and community support. If competition or one-upping is strongly sensed by the organizers you will be asked to leave. Keeping a community focus (of us as mystics, the people coming in and our hosts) strengthens the entire field and group energy of the psychic fair.
Required information after we confirm you will be participating.
1) Website and link to any links to any social media platforms you’d like shown publicly.
2) High-resolution photo(s) of yourself or your product.
3) Clearly written and edited statement describing, in as plain language as possible, what you offer and a little about yourself to make it personal.
4) Payment of $70 via paypal (or cash). If you cancel: Refundable to 50% by September 1st. 100% by August 1st.
Participating readers & vendors will have items 1-3 posted in a blog post on the site, in the facebook group and on the event page. These will be spaced out over time as the event approaches. We will support outreach and advertising as well as having the venue promote the event to their email lists and platforms.
After confirmation and payment- you will receive an email with details about set up, break down and other suggestions to help you have a positive experience, promote yourself and feel comfortable. As readers ourselves, we aim to have the event be very supportive of you rather than the hustle feeling that can occur at a psychic fair type of event. We are always open to feedback to make the process more smooth and comfortable for you.
It would benefit yourself as well as the odds of the event showing up on people’s radars- if you invite your own friends via FB, send a link out in your own newsletters and tell folks about it! Cross promoting events helps build up as a body of professionals within the bay area.
If you’d like to participate please fill out the form below so we can get an idea of who you are!
Thank you and see you in September!