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If you are interested in having a table at one of the Psychic Fairs please fill out this form!

Afterward, we will get back to you with further information regarding signing up. Not all applicants will be accepted as we want to keep the types of modalities offered diverse. We Will keep your info ready for the next fair though and contact you!

Psychic Fair + Holiday Market will be on December 17th 12-6pm  at The Center SF 548 Fillmore St, SF
Meant to connect the community of spiritual readers with each other as well as bring in new interest in the many methods and tools of divination.
In conjunction with the Center SF, we will be making a space and day devoted to the arts of intuition and divination.
Tarot, dowsing, scrying, runes, stone readings, oracle cards, mediums, Lenormand, ouija, your own home made method…are all welcome!
Due to the size of the space, we are limited to appx 15 readers.
Ideal Applicant
We are looking for professional readers with good time management, clear practitioner ethics, an empowering style of communication and a sense of cooperation and community support. If competition or one-upping is strongly sensed by the organizers you will be asked to leave. Keeping a community focus strengthens the entire field and group energy of the psychic fair.
If you’d like to participate please fill out the form below so we can get an idea of who you are! Afterward, we will get back to with information on reserving a spot, costs and support and what is needed media wise for including you on all advertising.
Thank you and see you in December!