Alice Phipps // Astrology & Tarot Conscious Universe Astrology

alice-profile-picAlice began her study of life’s mysteries over 20 years ago by delving into the wisdom of Astrology and Tarot. In the many years since she has enriched her knowledge by adding the complementary fields of mythology, Jungian psychology, quantum theory, Kabbalah, and Chakras. From these mystical and scientific traditions, she has come to understand cycles, symbols, synchronicity and the transformational potential within a human life.

Currently finishing a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Alice has learned to combine modern insights into attachment, mindfulness, trauma, gender and sexuality with knowledge of the world’s great spiritual traditions. This study has brought so many tools she is eager to share with clients.Alice has taught Astrology, Tarot, and Chakras through the Center for Spiritual Life in Palo Alto.

All Elements Herbals // All Elements Herbals


Small batch, organic and ethically harvested herbal potions and remedies. Made with intentions such as self-love, healing, and connection to spirit and body.





Among Strangers // Crystal & Talisman Jewelry Among Strangers

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetAmong Strangers came to life in 2014 in San Francisco, California. Using naturally formed and some altered crystals, creator Angela Alarcon, values the spiritual nature of each stone, believing that each crystal carries distinct properties and healing qualities depending on the kind.

Among Strangers stands by the belief that each piece has already pre-chosen a bearer, and is handcrafted with intention into powerful talismans to serve the bearer’s highest and best.

The Among Strangers aesthetic resembles old relics dug up from the ground, with its organic formed nature made from the method of electroforming and plating metals.

Casey Zabala // Tarot Reader & Artist Wanderer’s Tarot

dsc_8912Casey Zabala is a local Bay Area artist, writer, and tarot reader. Her self-published tarot deck, Wanderer’s Tarot, is a feminist deck for modern witches. With 13 years of tarot experience, Casey has a studied and intuitive approach to her readings, while incorporating aspects of natural magic and manifestation techniques to her offerings. Passionate about mystical and magical arts, Casey hopes to do her part for healing the collective through individual tarot readings and artistic explorations.

Cass Rose // Seed Formularies Chocolates

img_9389Cassandra Rose LAc is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, maker and restorative yoga teacher. She loves bringing those worlds together. In that spirit, she will be offering chocolates that use the 5 element theories of East Asian medicine to balance and delight your senses. Please reach out to her if you have any questions or would like to have a custom chocolate formula for an event.




Chase Chualong // Astrologer Earlybird Astrology

15241382_1818140898423352_3084205306188276299_n“I am an astrologer, private chef, and artist born & raised in SF. I studied with the School of Evolutionary Astrology, a penetrating system of astrology that focuses on the motives behind our purpose. I am dedicated to helping others connect to their path on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Readings with me often integrate my background with herbs, spiritual study, and holistic lifestyle.”

Dee Dee Freeman // Spiritual Alchemy & Medium InteriorAlchemy

“Fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect, I’m devoted to helping peodeedee.jpgple make better decisions. As an empath, I truly enjoy taking the time to connect with the seeker on a deep, intuitive level. Formulating the appropriate question and then selecting the best card spread is key to delivering an inspired answer! Setting my intellectual mind aside, I tap deeply into my intuition to give the seeker information the Universe needs them to know. Connecting them with the archetypal energies represented in the cards allows the sitter to see their situation with clarity, and give confidence in determining their future path. When we honor our intuition for the quiet, guiding intelligence that it is, the cards have the power to inspire life-affirming action.”

Elisa Palma Hancock  // Akashic Records Reading

gravatarHi! My name is Elisa, I relocated from my native Italy to the Bay Area not long ago. I am a passionate spiritual researcher, teacher, and coach. I work one on one, offering Akashic Records consultations to provide you with the loving guidance of your Masters and Loved Ones and your Soul. I work in-person as well as via phone/skype. Come with your questions ready to receive wisdom, clarity, love and uplifting energy. I believe that we need and can nourish our spiritual life with easy, doable practices – which is vital for creating the life we truly desire to live – and this is what I desire to offer you with my work.

Fernando Caldera // Leatherwork, Recycled Silver and Gemstone Jewelry Erous_Psuche

Fernando Caldera, born and raised in Oakland and currently residing in San Leandro. I began leathercrafting in 2014, originally crafting as a way to pay for my aztec atuendo but continued due to a love for the art. Working with the leather, I am constantly giving thanks to the animal from which it came from. Once done I smudge it down and give some light to its spirit. I was properly taught that when working with this material one should always be respectful to the origin. All items have been spiritually cleaned including my stone jewelry and recycled silver.

Jaya H. //  Gemenon Crystals

image (2).jpegGemenon Crystals focuses on crystal vibrations that help the body heal and the mind explore. I source crystals and gems of the highest vibration that can be used in body lay outs and for room tuning.  I always offer rubies, malachite, fluorite, calcite, and a variety of quartz.  I will be returning from the Tuscon gem show and my offerings will be expanded. In the past, I have focused on matching the mineral kingdom for healers and like minded souls but hope to expand that.

Jennifer Leigh // Psychic & Oracle Card Reader  JenniferLeigh

15078999_10103078022285687_5282752129156817966_n (1).jpgJennifer Leigh is a queer femme healer, writer, and teacher located in San Diego, CA.

As a healer, I offer oracle card readings, psychic visual insights, and customized candle dressings. My readings are an invitation for your spiritual guides to connect and touch down in the physical world in order to provide divine insight into your questions, thoughts, and desires. Once my guides connect with your guides, I receive psychic visions and insight which I then will relay directly to you. Oracle cards are an additional medium for the divine to speak to us and provide wisdom. I typically offer an eclectic blend of oracle card readings and psychic visions during a session with a client.

Every reading is strictly confidential. The bonds I create with my clients are sacred and unique. I am deeply honored every time I am able to meet someone exactly where they are and facilitate the healing and connection they are seeking. I am a deep empath and compassionate listener. The advice I offer is not from myself but directly from your divine guides. My spiritual practice is heavily influenced by my experiences as a queer femme survivor living with C-PTSD. I have been a seer/psychic since childhood; however, through regular meditation and intercession as an adult, I am able to harness my gifts as a healing tool for my beloved community. As a cis white woman, I strive to create safer spiritual spaces that center and prioritize POC, transwomen, and disabled folks.

Light SisterZ // Mediums, Angel Cards & Angel Tarot LightSisterZ

unnamed.jpgWe are sisters that came together spiritually to fulfill our life purpose of healing and giving back to the community.We work as educators in low income communities using meditations, aromatherapy and other holistic practices as we work towards overcoming issues of social injustice and increasing awareness of self and others around. People are naturally very intuitive beings and by helping others connect with their angels, guides and higher self, it allows for a more positive self which in turns brings about a more encompassing community. By contributing to the growth and happiness of others, you find the true meaning of life.

Teaira has been doing dream interpretations since childhood and is a Psychic Medium. She works as a metal health counselor and is currently studying Numerology and working on her PhD in Metaphysical Counseling.

Dumebi is a Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki Practitioner and Psychic Medium. She works as an educational consultant as is currently working on her PhD in Metaphysical Counseling .

Marie Miller // Runes & Energy Healing House Of Kellen


Marie is a certified a Certified ThetaHealer® with a deep intuitive background. She has completed the Basic DNA seminar in the ThetaHealing® technique.

As a healer, she finds trapped and buried emotions to weed them out and helps untangle and make sense of interpersonal relationships.  She focuses on finding the earliest occurrence of each belief or emotional that is not working in order to heal it at the source.

Her work with relationships mostly focuses on clearing out the energy cords that connect us all and rebuilding trust. Coming from a family of gifted women she has developed a variety of ways to work with all types of people.

She was a shaman’s apprentice, has worked clearing ghosts, reads tarot and runes, and has developed new ways of reading the energy of how people relate to each other.

Ruta Lauleva Aiono //  Plant Essence Consultations


Essence work allows the seeker to reflect upon and step outside of their patterns, to see and separate the drama from  personal truth, while offering another path devoid of ego and informed by the plant’s own adaptations to THRIVE in its environment. Flower essences are especially helpful in shifting the patterns that reside in the subconscious and in the subtle body, especially when one feels like they have reached an impasse- the plants step in to share their vibrations with our own, holding the space for us to link up gently, below the level where our ego can get in the way.

Ruta has spent several years living with and learning from the desert where the big sky and glaring sun first set her on the path to knowing her Self. Drawn by the energy of ocotillo and saguaro, then with the guidance of her friend and mentor Mimi Kamp – she has studied and learned from the plants have who taught her about healing herself and her community. For the last two years, she was also apprenticing under a traditional midwife on the border of Arizona and Sonora working primarily with families from Sonora supporting them in natural pregnancy and childbirth. Ruta recently moved back to the Bay Area to learn from the water here and with intentions to continue both plant and birth work as a doula. She is especially excited about cultivating deeper relationship with her Pacific Islander community and to continue working with POC and queer folks to build frameworks of mutual support on the path to collective liberation.

M.Juniper // Ritual Incense, Oils & Ointments Lost Star Tarot  

15826274_209089972886046_5399210627432816870_n.jpgM.Juniper approaches tarot from the perspective that a reading can show us hidden and probable realities, that through empowered decision making and accessing our own inner wisdom we can create the future we desire. A tarot divination reading is a process of self-revelation and connection to that which is greater than a single moment.

M.Juniper has been practicing tarot and symbolism for over 20 years. He began training in psychic skills and magic under Sandy Anastasi at Starchild at the age of 12. Over the years he has continued to deepen his study of all things esoteric and symbolic through formal training in East Asian religious traditions as well as traditional herbal healing.

NÜN // Schentell Nunn Jewelry