Melanie K Mitchell // Wild Mother Bear

melaine45.jpgMelanie Kay Mitchell is a Multi-dimensional being. Her many hats include… Integrative Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Crystal Alchemist, Tarot Reader, Education Specialist and Shamanic Clown. With a master’s degree in Somatic Psychotherapy from CIIS, she maintains a private practice while dancing among all the other roles to stay balanced in these chaotic times. She is currently manifesting a Somatic Healing Arts Center to guide people into the true embodiment of our starry natures, helping to facilitate the great shift we are in at this important time in Earth’s herstory ~ Peace and harmony are coming in abundance – Let’s play!

Chelsea Rutherford // Artemisia Herbs + Acupuncture

chelseaI started my path in alternative medicine at the Heartwood Institute in 2005 where I studied nutrition from a Chinese medicine perspective with Paul Pitchford, renowned author of Healing with Whole Foods. There in the misty mountains of Northern California I also studied various forms of bodywork, anatomy, physiology, meditation, tai chi and began to uncover my own inner workings that deeply drew me to the work. I continued my studies with Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson, international teacher of medical Qi gong, which is where I first saw the physical golden glimmering light of energy and experienced the profound effects of energy work and how the psyche affects the physical body. I received my masters in science from AIMC Berkeley (Acupuncture and Integrated Medicine) and became a licensed acupuncturist in April of 2016. I currently maintain a private practice in Berkeley as a general practitioner. I treat a variety of conditions and have recently been working with a lot of patients who experience physical pain, insomnia, digestive upset, chronic sinus issues, anxiety and depression and more. I make herbal products that I sustainably wild craft or grow in my own garden, I mushroom hunt for chanterelles in the rainy months, and I sing and dance as an art form but also as an emotional release. I think Chinese medicine is magical and it feels amazing to facilitate others finding the resources they need.


All Elements Herbals // All Elements Herbals


Caitlin has practiced and promoted alternative and herbal approaches to health for most of her adult life. For a long time it was resigned to personal practice, but gradually her life shifted towards an active role in promoting health as a right, not a privilege, for all. Her disillusionment with many aspects of the allopathic health care system led her down a path of activism in alternative pathways to wellbeing including harm reduction, folk remedies and advocating for the empowerment of self-care and love. Caitlin caters to all audiences, specializing in gender queer and feminine folks’ needs. She strives to make herbal remedies accessible to all by taking on customized orders and often working on a sliding scale. Her remedies are manifested with a focus on energetics, individual needs and affordability. Her workspace resides in Vallejo, Ca, where she generates small batch, ethically harvested and completely natural botanical rituals and herbal allies. Her witchy partner blesses each herbal amulet with tarot, crystals and moon magic. For the past year, Caitlin has been spending most of her time co-running a wellness center based in Fairfield, Ca, teaching and attending yoga, tinkering with her copper distillery and concocting herbal remedies.





Among Strangers // Crystal & Talisman Jewelry Among Strangers

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetAmong Strangers came to life in 2014 in San Francisco, California. Using naturally formed and some altered crystals, creator Angela Alarcon, values the spiritual nature of each stone, believing that each crystal carries distinct properties and healing qualities depending on the kind.

Among Strangers stands by the belief that each piece has already pre-chosen a bearer, and is handcrafted with intention into powerful talismans to serve the bearer’s highest and best.

The Among Strangers aesthetic resembles old relics dug up from the ground, with its organic formed nature made from the method of electroforming and plating metals



Chase Chualong // Astrologer Earlybird Astrology

15241382_1818140898423352_3084205306188276299_n“I am an astrologer, private chef, and artist born & raised in SF. I studied with the School of Evolutionary Astrology, a penetrating system of astrology that focuses on the motives behind our purpose. I am dedicated to helping others connect to their path on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Readings with me often integrate my background with herbs, spiritual study, and holistic lifestyle.”

Dee Dee Freeman // Spiritual Alchemy & Medium InteriorAlchemy

“Fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect, I’m devoted to helping peodeedee.jpgple make better decisions. As an empath, I truly enjoy taking the time to connect with the seeker on a deep, intuitive level. Formulating the appropriate question and then selecting the best card spread is key to delivering an inspired answer! Setting my intellectual mind aside, I tap deeply into my intuition to give the seeker information the Universe needs them to know. Connecting them with the archetypal energies represented in the cards allows the sitter to see their situation with clarity, and give confidence in determining their future path. When we honor our intuition for the quiet, guiding intelligence that it is, the cards have the power to inspire life-affirming action.”

Fernando Caldera // Leatherwork, Recycled Silver and Gemstone Jewelry Erous_Psuche

Fernando Caldera, born and raised in Oakland and currently residing in San Leandro. I began leathercrafting in 2014, originally crafting as a way to pay for my aztec atuendo but continued due to a love for the art. Working with the leather, I am constantly giving thanks to the animal from which it came from. Once done I smudge it down and give some light to its spirit. I was properly taught that when working with this material one should always be respectful to the origin. All items have been spiritually cleaned including my stone jewelry and recycled silver.

Jaya H. //  Gemenon Crystals

image (2).jpegGemenon Crystals focuses on crystal vibrations that help the body heal and the mind explore. I source crystals and gems of the highest vibration that can be used in body lay outs and for room tuning.  I always offer rubies, malachite, fluorite, calcite, and a variety of quartz.  I will be returning from the Tuscon gem show and my offerings will be expanded. In the past, I have focused on matching the mineral kingdom for healers and like minded souls but hope to expand that.

Light SisterZ // Mediums, Angel Cards & Angel Tarot LightSisterZ

unnamed.jpgWe are sisters that came together spiritually to fulfill our life purpose of healing and giving back to the community.We work as educators in low income communities using meditations, aromatherapy and other holistic practices as we work towards overcoming issues of social injustice and increasing awareness of self and others around. People are naturally very intuitive beings and by helping others connect with their angels, guides and higher self, it allows for a more positive self which in turns brings about a more encompassing community. By contributing to the growth and happiness of others, you find the true meaning of life.

Teaira has been doing dream interpretations since childhood and is a Psychic Medium. She works as a metal health counselor and is currently studying Numerology and working on her PhD in Metaphysical Counseling.

Dumebi is a Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki Practitioner and Psychic Medium. She works as an educational consultant as is currently working on her PhD in Metaphysical Counseling .

Marie Miller // Runes & Energy Healing House Of Kellen


Marie is a certified a Certified ThetaHealer® with a deep intuitive background. She has completed the Basic DNA seminar in the ThetaHealing® technique.

As a healer, she finds trapped and buried emotions to weed them out and helps untangle and make sense of interpersonal relationships.  She focuses on finding the earliest occurrence of each belief or emotional that is not working in order to heal it at the source.

Her work with relationships mostly focuses on clearing out the energy cords that connect us all and rebuilding trust. Coming from a family of gifted women she has developed a variety of ways to work with all types of people.

She was a shaman’s apprentice, has worked clearing ghosts, reads tarot and runes, and has developed new ways of reading the energy of how people relate to each other.